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African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) was formed in 2004, and over the preceding years the organisation has been committed to developing new ways to impact lives through training and development on the continent of Africa. AYDF’s focus is to maintain and grow that impact.

KeMoja Puppet Programme
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African Youth Development Fund

African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) has worked on major national and international programmes particularly relating to research, content design and development, training, programme implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. The organization has also been working on various educational social programs with various government departments, private sector, global development agencies including the Department of Basic Education and Department of Social Development at National, Provincial, District and Local level. Receiving our accreditation through the CATHSSETA was one of the mile stones of the organization, which is a value add to the training presented to our clients.

Substance Abuse Prevention Through Academic Excellence


According to UNICEF, the impact of alcohol and drug abuse is felt in schools in South Africa and is compromising the quality of teaching, learning and the safety of learning spaces. Research by Reddy et al. (2010) indicates that the schooling sector is faced with a number of challenges such as learner drop-out, poor academic performance, learner pregnancy and violence in schools.
1 UNITED NATIONS OFFICE ON DRUGS AND CRIME- International Standards on Drug Use Prevention 2015 The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) research1 states the following as some of the risk factors that make young people vulnerable to initiating the use of drugs:
– family neglect and abuse, poor attachment to school and community, poor attachment to favorable social norms, growing up in marginalized and deprived communities etc…



The Substance Abuse Prevention through Academic Excellence (SAPTAE) programme seeks to target some of these risk factors, particularly poor attachment to school, favorable social norms, family neglect and abuse. Therefore the components of the SAPTAE programme are School Camps, Study groups, Debate, Ke Moja Life Skills modular programme and a Parenting Skills modular programme.


Tembisa, Soweto, Katlegong are the targeted communities for the first phase of the programme. There are high levels of alcohol and drug abuse with the main drugs of choice being Nyaope, Hooker Pipe and Marijuana.


● Situational analysis
● Strategic planning
● Programme conceptualization, design and materials development customised according to client needs
● Youth Development through sports participation
● Training on Leadership, Supervisory skills, Facilitation and presentation skills