African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) piloted a programme; Substance Abuse Prevention Through Academic Excellence (SAPTAE) with the aim of using life skills to improve the academic performance of the learners and thus retain them in school and ensure progression to the next grade.

The program started with a camp held through a weekend at the school to ensure that all learners are afforded a chance to attend. The camp’s outcome was:

  1. Learners were convinced that they can excel academically if they choose to.
  2. They formed study groups that will continue after the camp. After the camp coordinators run the study groups after school and then the academic performance of the learners is monitored quarterly.

With all this done in the local communities of South Africa, AYDF foresees the great turn-over of academic improvement, decline in crime rates and enhancement of the economy. This is the strategic method of developing the lives of the less fortunate without relying on the country. AYDF’s programs instigates an idea of learners having relationship with their books regardless of the hardships or challenges they get from both home and school.

The SAPTAE program has been implemented in one of the primary schools in Tembisa Thuthuka primary school and the programs has helped the school to produce exemplary passing rates of participants.

The participants’ character and attitude have changed such that their performance escalated to greater heights and their teachers find it easier to interact with them now that they have taken initiative to be part of the programs.


By: AYDF Editorial team

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