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“If you are young and talented, it’s like you have wings” Haruki Murakami. It is always a sad story when substance abusestands in the way of a passionate and willing heart. Everybody wants and aspire to become something in life. But like a tree,to bear fruits it needs nourishment all times. Once a tree is not nourished, that tree is bound to die.

Children and youth are trees that need to bear fruits and without any nourishment there is a chance that some talents may die unnoticed.Understanding this and wanting to promote a healthy living and substance abuse free lifestyle, AYDF (African Youth Development Fund) took initiative to have KeMoja Community Based Talent Show, were NPOs from the five regions (Sedibeng, Joburg, Ekurhuleni, West Rand and Tshwane) are encourage to host talent shows and present the winners to the KeMoja Regional Talent Show then the winners would move to the Provincial AlternativesTalent Show.

The categories that rounded up the competition, are KeMoja Drama (Heart and Mind), Dance (Beat), Music and poetry. The NPOs had winners in all categories.

The Provincial Talent Show Competition was held at Somhlolo Grounds, Katlehong. The leading guest speaker and Judge, was McDonald Mathunjwa. Even though it was an outside event and theentrance free, AYDF followed through with the covid 19 rules and regulations.Only 250 people as COVID-19 regulation state and no musk no entry.

The action-packedday started, the competition was on! Prepared and ready the first group matched to the stage. KeMoja Poetry Alternatives was the first category. All the months of preparation, rehearsing and perfecting come to life when the performers pour their guts on the stage. They spend months rehearsing and perfecting, so in the end they go head-to-head using voices and gestures to bring their words to life.

Spoken words poetry is a word-base performance art where speakers engage in powerful self-expression, KeMoja Poetry participants did not shy away from sharing their views on topics that evokes emotions for audience. Topis suchlike Gender Based Violence.
Performers delivered emotional and memorable performances through spoken words. The competition was on indeed.

The next genre to grace the stage was KeMoja Music Alternatives. Audience was impressed and stunned by young talent that was presented solo and by bands. The performers rocked the stage and got the audience on their feetwith songs.

The footprints of the musicians were still clear on the stage when the hosts announced the following genre in the competition, KeMoja Heart and Mind (Drama), the actors and actresses made way to the stage.

No one had to tell the audience to settle down and give ear but the performers consumes and props spoke volumes. All five groups had their time on the stage and presented their stories in a dialogue form. The stories plot were about interesting issues, life relatable topics suchlike dysfunctional families, substance abuse and social believes. The participants used the right dialogue and monologue to touch the hearts of audience and made an impact.

And the last but not least category to take on the stage was KeMoja Beats (Dance), the stage was on fire as soon as the set time for each groups started ticking, the performers left no style out and did not miss the opportunity to invert new ones as well, there was Zulu, Setswana, Pantsula, piano and Hip-hop dance the competition was tough making a tie between two groups, Native Nation and Wonder Kids which went on to be given five minutes each to break the tie.

While the judges were still deliberating on the winners, AYDF talent also took to stage to keep the audience entertained.

The anticipation on the audiences’ faces was so hard to ignore, but it was not long before the judges strolled to stage and announce the winners, even though the job was hard it had to be done, there had to be winners.

The KeMoja Alternatives Poetry winner amongst five performers of the 5 regions, was Lesedi from Westrand, who went on to say,“This was an opportunity she will never forget”.

Melodic Tee from Johannesburg, walked away with the victory. Under the KeMoja music category.

The winners in the Drama category were Marvellous from Ekurhuleni, whom they manage to touch about every life related hot topic with very little time and just two performers compare to other groups.

KeMoja Beat. A very tense moment not only for the judges but the audience as well. Both groups gave their all, sweat and blood on the second round making it even harder for the judges to decide who takes the trophy home. But eventual the Native Nation from Johannesburg won against the Wonder Kids.

All the winners got to take home, the KeMoja embolden trophy, KeMoja certificate medals, R1000 cheque and an attire from PK trading zone. All participants had 10 minutes each to execute their art craft and had their choice of consumes and props.

Before the show was over, Mr MacDonald Mathunjwa had something to say to the participants, “This is something to take serious and make a habit to communicate with judges on what they expect to see that should be a guideline to future participants”

AYDF hope to host more like events in the future and are open to sponsorships. Everyone wishing to be part of the KeMoja Talent Show is welcome to enter through NPOs working with AYDF.

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