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The prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act No 70 of 2008 provides for establishment of programmes in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.
 Substance abuse is a pervasive problem in South Africa which cuts across racial and socio-economical lines. South Africa is seeing an increase of substance abuse among primary and secondary school learners which leads to school crime, violence as well as social and health problems.
 At the social and health level, substance abuse impacts on HIV outcomes. Abuse of alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s judgement and increase risk of getting or transmitting HIV. Excessive consumption of alcohol can be linked to risky sexual behaviours.
 For people living with HIV, substance abuse can affect treatment outcomes as it can affect adherence to antiretroviral therapy. In order to address the above issues the Department of Social Development (DSD) launched the “KeMoja, I’m fine without alcohol and drugs” programme in 2003.
 This is a national anti-substance abuse awareness campaign led by DSD which targets both in and out of school youth with a view to achieve positive social and behaviour change outcomes
 The campaign aims at creating awareness of and discourages substance abuse amongst communities, using a range of media including print, electronic, roadshows, workshops and community dialogues.
 SANAC has contracted fifteen (15) NPO’s in 8(eight) provinces. According to the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STI’s (2007-2022), substance abuse is one of the social of HIV&AIDS.
 In order to contribute to the reduction of new HIV infections among the young people, SANAC in partnership with DSD has appointed African Youth Development Fund as a service provider to implement the KeMoja programme.
 African Youth Development Fund is expected to train facilitators from the 15 NPO’s contracted by SANAC to enable them to integrate the prevention of substance abuse within the broader HIV&AIDS agenda.

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