African Youth Development Fund

High On Life Anti-bullying Campaign

On the 28th of May 2021, African Youth Development Fund in partnership with the Department of Basic Education launched the High on Life programme, aimed at encouraging young people to live purpose-driven lives by focusing on their talents, education and health.

The venue was at a school, and stations were set up where facilitators facilitated different modules, namely the Value of Education, Personal Shield plus an introduction into High on Life programme as a whole.

As part of the launch, ananti-bullying awareness campaign was done to spread the word and garner support on bullying in schools. Different stakeholders, ministers and MEC’s, Lovelife, SAPS, Tshepo 1 Million organizationand many others presented themselves in support of the anti-bullying campaign. Prior to the event, the AYDF and Outreach team spent the night in the area, preparing and setting up the KeMoja Gig truck, gazebo’s, chairs, banners etc.The event was well-attended, however due to Covid-19 restrictions, not everyone was allowed entry into the venue.

The message delivered was impactful as the awareness around bullying is of utmost importance since bullying has escalated into a major problem, transforming some of our schools from safe, conducive places of learning and growing, into places that learner’s dread going to. This issueescalated to a point where one learner from Mbilwi Secondary School sadly, committed suicide. It is not only her though, there are a lot of learners who end up quitting school, abusing substances whilst some resort to suicide due to bullying. This was a call, and a continuous one to parents, youth, and learners to spread the word and stand in solidarity against bullying in all spheres.

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