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African Youth Development Fund

African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) was formed in 2004, and over the preceding years the organisation has been committed to developing new ways to impact lives through training and development on the continent of Africa. AYDF’s focus is to maintain and grow that impact.
African Youth Development Fund (AYDF) has worked on major national and international programmes particularly relating to research, content design and development, training, programme implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation. The organization has also been working on various educational social programs with various government departments, private sector, global development agencies including the Department of Basic Education and Department of Social Development at National, Provincial, District and Local level. Receiving our accreditation through the CATHSSETA was one of the mile stones of the organization, which is a value add to the training presented to our clients.

AYDF’s training interventions are aimed at equipping individuals in organisations in public and private sector. Our approach to training and development is rooted in the realities of an ever-changing organisational environment in our world today. We therefore aspire to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, and values required for the management and leadership challenges of the 21st century and beyond. The increasingly changing world demands for professionals and individuals to be intentional, innovative, informed and flexible. Our natural desire for greatness requires us to be well equipped and focused.

African Youth Development Fund

To help the youth of Africa reach their full potential.

In order to achieve…

An Africa where all her youth are transformative leaders and value adding citizens.


By developing and implementing large scale evidence-based behaviour change programmes and capacitating other organizations to do the same.