African Youth Development Fund


The prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act No 70 of 2008 provides for establishment of programmes in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Substance abuse is a pervasive problem in South Africa which cuts across racial and socio-economical lines. South Africa is seeing an increase of substance abuse among primary and secondary… Continue reading SANAC PHASE 1 REPORT

Ke-Moja Kids Puppet Programme

Starting kids off right means, providing kids with knowledge, coaching and training thus to help them make knowledgeable decisions concerning their lives as they grow up. One of the Ke Moja programme design to cater for children is a KeMoja Puppet programme. In this form, puppeteer (coaches) us puppet as a way to deliver information… Continue reading Ke-Moja Kids Puppet Programme

High On Life Anti-bullying Campaign

On the 28th of May 2021, African Youth Development Fund in partnership with the Department of Basic Education launched the High on Life programme, aimed at encouraging young people to live purpose-driven lives by focusing on their talents, education and health. The venue was at a school, and stations were set up where facilitators facilitated… Continue reading High On Life Anti-bullying Campaign

KeMoja coaches award ceremony

The 2020/2021 KeMoja awards ceremony was hosted by the Department of Social Development in partnership with African Youth Development Fund on the 15th October 2021 at the Birchwood hotel. Through partneringwith different NPO’s we manage to reach the lives of Youth in different areas, which is no easy feat.  The award ceremony is hosted annually… Continue reading KeMoja coaches award ceremony


“If you are young and talented, it’s like you have wings” Haruki Murakami. It is always a sad story when substance abusestands in the way of a passionate and willing heart. Everybody wants and aspire to become something in life. But like a tree,to bear fruits it needs nourishment all times. Once a tree is… Continue reading KEMOJA PROVINCIAL TALENT SHOW

KeMoja Social Workers Training

In February and March we had The Train The Trainer KeMoja Workshop For Social Workers and Probation Officers in 4 regions which where Tshwane, Westrand, Sebokeng and Ekurhuleni, All in all 164 participants were trained which meant that we exceeded our target for the year because our yearly target for this training is to train… Continue reading KeMoja Social Workers Training