Lehlohonolo Sethole

I was only 19 years and shy to speak to anyone let alone to speak in front of people. I believed that if I speak no one will take me seriously. During the ‘A YG’ camp I got to learn facilitation and presentation skills; and most importantly I got to understand what A YDF was all about. I was terrified when I was asked to prepare a chart in order to facilitate a module in front of other people. This was such a big challenge for me, my self-doubt came back with a vengeance,
“what if I mess up?” “What if they laugh at me?” However my team leader helped me through all this. I could not sleep that night preparing! When I finally facilitated the module the following day and received constructive feedback; for the first time in my life I felt like there are people out there who see the best in me while I saw only the worst in me. I must say through A YDF I eventually managed to see the best in me, to actually believe that I can do a lot of things; because I never thought that someone like me can be able to stand in front of people and deliver a message and for people to actually listen.