Nkululeko Mkhwanazi

A wise man once said “Life begins the moment you move out of your comfort zone” and I believe that’s when my life began in 2010 when I joined AYDF. I attended the team leaders training where our Alex team also met a team from Mamelodi Township (Pretoria).
My expectations were just to be trained on basketball. Initially, I didn’t enjoy the training being a person who was laid back, in a shell and very shy. I was challenged to come out of my comfort zone; I had never had to stand in front of people to deliver a message nor have I ever prepared a flip chart for that purpose before. I was uncomfortable, doubted myself and I Thought this is not for me; however the A YDF trainers were very supportive and motivated me to do my best. A sense of self-belief was instilled as more leadership sessions were present
I learned how to facilitate training sessions, public speaking, managing and leading people to say the least. I started to see the bigger picture of the need to transform the lives of youth in my community by encouraging them to live productive, positive and successful lives.